Alan Wake to have episodic expansions

Written by Joe Martin

January 7, 2010 | 12:23

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Microsoft has reconfirmed Alan Wake as getting a 2010 Xbox 360 exclusive release, explaining that the initial release will then be bolstered by episodic expansions made available over Xbox Live.

Speaking at CES Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices head, Robbie Bach, said that Alan Wake's story will be continued episodically after the release of the core game.

"Story-driven like a TV series, Alan Wake will be told in episodes, with even more episodes available on Xbox Live after its launch this year," said Bach.

Alan Wake has been delayed numerous times by Microsoft and developer Remedy, shifting from a planned Vista-exclusive to an Xbox 360 exclusive title. The story, written by man behind Max Payne, is about a writer who finds himself trapped in one of his own stories.

"Imagine the TV show Lost as written by Stephen King and filmed by David Lynch and you have Alan Wake," explained Bach. Grrreeeat!

You can read more about Alan Wake in our recent Games to Watch in 2010 article, as well as some of the other games we're looking forward to this year.

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