New Dead Rising 3 video details new weapons and massive world

Written by Edward Chester

July 22, 2013 | 11:14

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Capcom has released a new 'making of' video for upcoming Xbox One game Dead Rising 3.

The video details how the world in Dead Rising 3 is larger than those of the previous games combined, and that thanks to the power of the new console there will be no waiting for the level to load as you move around.

The game will also heavily rely on "improvisational gameplay" for its fun, allowing the player to set traps or provide distractions by making the most of the environment and the reactive nature of the zombies, which respond to light and sound.

The new zombies, which include cops, prisoners and football players, will be more intelligent and dangerous than previous iterations due to these new skills.

First shown at the Microsoft E3 press conference where the company unveiled its new console, Dead Rising 3 was looking like being a more gritty, serious addition to the zombie-killing franchise. However, this latest video lays those fears to rest, showing there's just as much bonkers violence as before.

Dead Rising 3 is expected to be released on or shortly after the launch of the Xbox One, in time for Christmas.

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