EA hits back at UFC over MMA title

Written by Joe Martin

July 15, 2009 | 11:26

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EA Sports head Peter Moore has hit back at remarks made by Dana White, head of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, over claims that EA dismissed the notion of a UFC game on the basis that it wasn't a legitimate sport - only to turn around and announce a competing title and attempt to license UFC fighters.

Yesterday Dana White said that the UFC was officially at war with EA Sports and that anybody who licensed themselves to EA's mixed martial arts (MMA) title would find themselves banned from the UFC.

"I know there has been some recent discussion about EA Sports bringing a challenger to this sport," said Moore on his official blog, who went on to say that EA's own MMA game has actually been in development for more than two years and isn't just a reaction to the success of THQ's official title, UFC Undisputed 2009.

"I have great respect for the organisations and individuals that have invested in the sport's growth over the past decade - so this is one that is near and dear to me and I'm excited to see such good progress to date, Moore continued.

"I trace my MMA videogame roots back to my support of Crave's UFC title on the Dreamcast in 2000 and have been a fan ever since. Our title will bring both innovation and further authenticity to mixed martial arts, not to mention a strong global publishing network that will help spread the sport's popularity around the world."

EA first unveiled the new title, known simply as Mixed Martial Arts at E3 earlier this year, claiming that it plans to alternate releases of MMA and Fight Night in the future in order to provide a decent amount of development time.

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