Fable 3 has no experience, health bar

Written by Joe Martin

February 12, 2010 | 12:59

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Presenting the upcoming Xbox 360 RPG Fable 3 at Microsoft's X10 event in San Francisco, Peter Molyneux has revealed that the game will not have any health bar or XP system.

Instead, player progression is reflected automatically by the changing appearance of weapons, while character damage merely darkens the screen - a technique already used by some shooters. The nearest thing Fable 3 has to experience points is the new followers system, which sees famous characters accruing a larger group of fans.

"It's an RPG without a health bar or experience," Molyneux said in a demonstration, via Eurogamer. "Because we put the levelling up into the world, with followers, you don't need experience."

The reason for the change is apparently that players didn't understand the old XP system and that Molyneux thought the idea of experience points was outdated.

"The absolute main reason is that most people didn't really understand it," Molyneux explained. "[i]When you asked people how to get red experience, they'd say, 'I don't know, sometimes it's green, sometimes it's red, sometimes it's blue'."

"Experience seemed 1990s, it seemed old school."

These are apparently the changes that Molyneux alluded to earlier this week, when he said that fans would be "pissed off"by some of the changes he was going to unveil at X10. To us, it certainly seems like the Fable series is getting progressively more casual - which is saying something considering that we had Joe's little sister review Fable 2 because of how strong the casual feel was.

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