GCHQ recruiting via Xbox Live

Written by Joe Martin

November 23, 2009 | 12:34

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Microsoft's Xbox Live is now being targeted by the UK government as a likely location to recruit new spies and agents for the security services, according to The Guardian.

Government Communications Headquarters, better known as GCHQ, provides intelligence and analysis to MI5, MI6 and various government departments. A six-week advertising campaign is about to begin on Xbox Live as a way for GCHQ to try and attract new recruits from within the target demographic. Apparently, hardcore gamers are highly likely to fit criteria for spy training.

Hardcore Xbox gamers are desirable for their "quick thinking, problem solving and team work" skills, said a mysterious spokesperson for GCHQ who refused to step out of the shadows and wouldn't confirm whether only play as Team Fortress 2's Spy class was a training requirement.

"As well as tackling 'traditional threats' GCHQ's work is also about helping government departments, such as the Ministry of Defence, to protect their information and communication systems," the trilby-wearing agent said.

"We can offer excellent training and careers for people with specialist technical skills. However, the fact remains that many potential candidates remain unaware of GCHQ and what we do. Using video on Xbox Live helps carry our message to the right people in a creative and innovative manner," she added.

The ad campaign will run on the Xbox Live dashboard and will include banners, videos, free themes and gamer pics - though you'll be required to download them without being seen.

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