Lord of the Rings Online for Xbox 360?

Written by Joe Martin

May 14, 2009 | 13:17

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A new customer survey has turned up which hints at the possible release of Lord of the Rings Online for the Xbox 360 in the future, with developer Turbine apparently considering both a subscription and micro-transaction based business model for the game.

The customer survey, which was posted on GameDaily recently, mentions not only the concept of a Xbox 360-based MMO game, but also one which will be decidedly different from the PC release. Specific mention is made of being able to follow an evil plotline as a minion of Sauron, for example.

Elsewhere the reports refers to having up to eight possible playable races and more than 600 quests divided over two separate campaigns in "the largest virtual world ever built on a console".

While the survey isn't a direct confirmation of the project, it does show that Turbine and Codemasters are interested in getting into the console MMO market, asking players how they would prefer to pay for an Xbox 360 MMORPG. The survey suggests either a $12.99 USD subscription fee for the game on a presumably monthly basis, as well as asking what players would consider a good price for in-game content such as clothes, equipment, mounts and pets.

Turbine has previously confirmed that it is working on a console MMO, but it hasn't yet been confirmed whether or not it is based on Tolkien's Lord of the Rings franchise.

Have you tried out Lord of the Rings Online at all? If not then you can check out our review of Lord of the Rings Online, or just let us know what you think of the console-based concept in the forums.
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