Microsoft lifts 720p Xbox 360 requirement

Written by Joe Martin

September 3, 2009 | 14:01

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Black Rock technical director David Jeffries has revealed that Microsoft adjusted the development requirements for Xbox 360 gamers earlier this year, removing the demand that all games support 720p and fullscreen anti-aliasing.

Writing in a guest column for Develop Jeffries revealed that Microsoft had tweaked the development requirements to compensate for a change in HD TV resolutions and to free up developers artistically.

"Now we are free to make the trade-off between resolution and image quality as we see fit," wrote Jefferies, who said that another reason for the change was 720p TVs emerging from the likes of Sony and Samsung which run at 1366x768 and not true 1280x720 resolution, meaning that game images were being automatically upscaled.

As Jeffries points out though, rather than forcing developers to support different resolutions or forcing them to drop features in order to get smooth framerates at true 720p the adjustments allow developers more freedom to use better graphical effects at lower resolutions.

Jeffries, who worked on Black Rock's Pure, revealed that the demand for certain resolutions and surrounding confusion will likely become less of an issue as 1080p becomes more of a standard for consumers and manafacturers.

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