Molyneux: RPG design is flawed

Written by Joe Martin

August 19, 2009 | 19:17

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GamesCom 2009: In a series of comments made during the unveiling of Fable 3, Microsoft’s Peter Molyneux suggested that game designers should seriously question the decisions that they make when they design role-playing games.

The are things fundamentally wrong with all RPGs,” said Molyneux when teasing a new (and not yet revealed) new feature for Fable 3. “It’s something that’s been wrong ever since the 1980s.

Molyneux implied that whatever the perceived problem was it’s something that Lionhead has found a solution too, though the realisation might not have been easy judging by the way that Molyneux referred to Fable 3 as “a problem child”.

We made good steps in Fable 2 with the dog companion, the breadcrumb trail and the no-death feature...but we aren’t stopping there,” said Molyneux just before revealing that Fable 3 will cast players as the new king or queen of Albion.

I can’t tell you what this new feature is just yet, but I can say that Fable 3 is all about power and consequences,” he added.

Is Molyneux off his rocker, or have RPGs really been broken all this time? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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