Monaco dev disappointed by XBox sales

Written by David Hing

July 17, 2013 | 15:14

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Monaco: What's Yours is Mine developer Andy Schatz has complained of disappointing sales of the heist sim on the Xbox 360.

Talking over Reddit, Schatz attributed the poor sales to a last minute delay to its release and a weak demo. The release delay happened due to a bug unique to retail Xbox 360 units as opposed to development units being discovered once the game had gone through the certification process.

Schatz does clarify that he was not depending on the Xbox for the game's primary stream of revenue. 'I was very disappointed in Xbox sales nonetheless,' Schatz said. 'We put a ton of effort porting the game and to have that effort be largely wasted was really disappointing.'

After the release, the team also had to submit two patches, something which until the end of last month Microsoft charged extra for developers to deploy.

As for how Microsoft treated developer Pocketwatch Games, Schatz decided to keep his complaints to himself, pointing out that publisher Majesco also acted as a buffer between them and Microsoft directly.

Monaco was released on the Xbox 360 on May 10, just over two weeks after its PC release. During its development, the game won the Seumas McNally Grand Prize and the Excellence in Design award at the 2010 GDC Independent Games Festival.
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