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Written by Joe Martin

July 20, 2009 | 09:28

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Microsoft's Shane Kim has confirmed that the company is definitely interested in making an Xbox handheld gaming device, and that it's just a matter of when the best time to launch such a product would be.

At the moment Microsoft is the only console manufacturer which doesn't also have a handheld platform, with traditional handheld market leader Nintendo dominating the arena with the Nintendo DS and DSi, and Sony on the verge of revitalising the PlayStation Portable with the new PSPgo. Apple has also been encroaching on the handheld platform too with the iPod Touch and iPhone, which have a growing number of brilliant, and cheap games.

In a recent interview with Kikizo though, Microsoft's Shane Kim said that it was only a matter of when until Microsoft launched it's own handheld console, saying that other projects are taking the limelight at the moment.

"For us, it's a matter of focusing on 'when', because if we chased after a mobile or handheld opportunity, we would not have the resources and ability to do things like... Project Natal."

"So we've chosen to focus on the living room experience from a hardware standpoint, if you will, but we're building a service in Live that will... will extend to other platforms. No question about it."

The comment is perhaps intended to hint to the rumoured integration of Live on the newer models of the firm's Zune music players, but let's hope that the system works better there than it does on some other platforms. The version of Live which has been rolled out to PCs hasn't met with the best of reactions and has even proven a hindrance to some gamers, like us.

Would you be interested in an Xbox handheld console (The Xbox 180, perhaps?) or are you happy with a different mobile gaming platform? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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