New Xbox Experience to be mandatory soon

Written by Joe Martin

March 5, 2009 | 13:48

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Microsoft has confirmed that the probationary period for the New Xbox Experience will soon be coming to an end and that the old-fashioned blades interface will soon be gone for good.

In the coming months, Microsoft will be making the New Xbox Experience, or NXE, a requirement to play games on the Xbox 360.

Up until now the update has been mostly voluntary, though many users updated their interface immediately in order to get their hands on the new features, such as avatars. The update will slowly become compulsory for anyone who wants to play online or play the newest games however, meaning that the blades interface is now officially on the way out.

In order to make sure that offline Xbox 360 players update their firmware Microsoft will be include the NXE update on a series of upcoming games, including Tom Clancy's HAWX according to DarkTwoZero. You'll need to install the update in order to play these games, be it on or offline.

The New Xbox Experience seems to have gone down well with gamers and is a definite improvement in both usability and features for the Xbox 360. Microsoft has occasionally earned some ire however for claiming that it invented the idea of avatars, which many believe to be ludicrous.

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