Saints Row film to launch with Saints Row 3

Written by Joe Martin

June 17, 2010 | 11:50

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THQ executive vice president Danny Bilson has used E3 2010 to announce that a Saints Row film is in the works and that it will see a 2012 release alongside a third Saints Row game. The game will be called Saints Row 3, imaginatively enough.

Both the game and the film are currently set down for a March 2012 release, with Bilson revealing that an unnamed 'major filmmaker' was attached to the project. GameSpot videoed the whole thing.

The launch of the film and game together is part of THQ's new 'transmedia' strategy, which has also seen a two-hour long Red Faction TV movie be announced.

Rapper 50 Cent apparently optioned the rights to a Saints Row movie back at the start of 2009, having developed a close relationship with THQ through his own game, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand.

Essentially a blinged-up version of GTA in the eyes of many, the first two Saints Row games have done a lot of business for THQ, so it's not surprising that the publisher doesn't want to put the franchise to bed just yet.

Check out our Saints Row 2 review for more info on the series, or our Saints Row review if you're feeling old school.

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