Xbox 360 bundle announced

Written by Wil Harris

July 27, 2005 | 08:09

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Details about the launch of the Xbox 360 have hit the net, after the British Board of Film Classification rather gave the game away on bundled content.

The BBFC website lists over 100 minutes of audio and video that will be pre-loaded onto the hard drive. The video will be short film clips in HD, whilst the audio will be various bits and bobs such as 'PunkRockSuperstar.WMA'. Details were reported by Eurogamer, but now appear to be unavailable on the BBFC's X360 page.

The video and audio are designed to showcase the HD and multimedia capabilities of the 360.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has re-affirmed that the console will ship worldwide in November, and has spoken about what's included in the box. You get a wireless controller and an Xbox Live headset. There's no mention, but we assume you also get some standard video cables. However, if you want nice hi-def video, the component and VGA cables will be available separately - and there's no DVI cable at all, it seems. You'll get an ethernet cable in the box, but if you want wireless you'll have to fork out for that separately, too.

Still no official news on pricing, but we're still expecting it to go out at $300.

Oh, and if you missed the news elsewhere on the net this week, the console will launch alongside Ridge Racer 6. Turn up for the books, huh?

Got some thoughts on the bundle? Excited at the preloaded video? Let us know your thoughts.
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