Xbox 360 controller pics, Live screens

Written by Wil Harris

May 23, 2005 | 09:55

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There's some great E3 coverage of the Xbox 360 up at Anandtech this morning.

The boys have taken a look at the unit behind closed doors at the show and have some decent photos of a dummy 360 to give an impression of the size and design of the console.

They've also taken a long look at some of the Live functionality, including how Friends invites will work, and an initial peek at the Xbox Live Marketplace, the pay-per-download new section of the Live community.

There's also a number of photos of the controller, which give a better indication of its size and shape than previous photos that have appeared on the web. Indeed, it seems much smaller and thinner than it is made to look, clearly substantially more teeny than the standard Controller-S for Xbox 1.

If you're not suffering from E3 overload already, have a look at the Anandtech article here.

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