Xbox 360 lands in US on 22 Nov; UK on 2 Dec

Written by Wil Harris

September 15, 2005 | 09:06

Tags: #360 #date #release #tokyo-games-show

On the eve of the Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft has finally announced the dates for the launch of the console around the world.

Microsoft is aiming to launch in Japan, Europe and the US almost simultaneously, with no shortages of consoles. This, they tell us, is the first time that a console has been launched worldwide almost simultaneously.

The dates are:
  • US: Tuesday, 22 November
  • Europe: Friday, 2 December
  • Japan: Saturday, 10 December
Microsoft say that they are producing 'millions of units' for the launch, which should satisfy demand.

Amongst the titles being shown at the Games Show are those produced to satisfy Japanese demand, such as Final Fantasy XI and Shutoku Battle, as well as more western titles such as Gears of War and Project Gotham Racing 3.

Have you put your pre-order money down yet? Get in line over at this thread in the forums.
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