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Written by Wil Harris

August 22, 2005 | 16:55

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There's various bits of 360 goodness floating round the web this morning, so here's an update on what's what with the platform.

J Allard, arguably the face of the new console, has been answering questions in a chat session with hardcore gamers. Whilst battling against a broken arm, J gives some interesting answers to tough questions. The full transcript is here, but here's a couple of highlights:

What about backward compatibility in the core system?

J Allard: because we didn't abstract storage in the first generation xbox back compat will require a hard drive. the good news is that the core system owners can upgrade if they deside to update at a later date.

Why is the hard drive so highly priced? A 20GB hard drive now a days goes for about 20-30... why $100? I believe this will deter alot of sales...

J Allard: one of the reasons that we designed a user removable hard drive is in direct response to the hard core gaming audience to make it easier to take game saves, game maps, soundtracks, etc. easily to their friends house or lan party. they also wanted the ability to upgrade to larger capacity drives. and if the drive is not present because someone in the house took it on the road, you still want to be able to use the console for movies, music or games.

The pricing model, which we reported last week, has come in for a lot of fire, with many hardcore gamers saying that the cheaper pack has very little worth. It seems to our astute eyes that Microsoft have more feedback than they're letting on that the cheaper pack is going to be a good seller. It's seems like creating that pack was a compelling reason to get extra support from games developers who would otherwise be worried about the cost of the system. Whilst many gamers are knocking it, I secretly wonder if the two-pack lineup could be a critical weapon in Microsoft's war on Sony.


Also in the news this week is a scan of nice little retail booklet outlining the different 360 peripherals and their pricepoints. Combining some pictures with some suggested pitches, the pages can be seen over here. Interesting point - the wired 360 controller states WindowsXP compatibility. Nice.


Eurogamer has a roundup of all the action at the Leipzig Games Convention from last week. The event is being hailed as the European E3, and the general perception is that Microsoft owned the event. Have a read here.

Also over at Eurogamer is news that the new Elder Scrolls game, Oblivion, will benefit from the optional HDD on the 360 - details here.


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