Xbox 360 to get a Dashboard update

Written by Wil Harris

January 26, 2006 | 15:20

Tags: #360 #bug-fix #dashboard #system #update #webcam #xbox-live

According to Xboxic, the Xbox 360 is going to get a fairly major downloadable update for the Dashboard.

Updates to the system will include support for the forthcoming webcam attachment that will enable video chat over the Xbox Live system. The webcam was originally slated to release with the 360 last year, but was put back. The possibilities for amoral high jinks on 360 webcam are almost limitless, we'd suggest.

Apparently, the update will fix all currently known problems with the platform - bugs in the Dashboard and the system itself, as well as any bugs in released games. This will include fixes for Achievements that are currently impossible to get, known crashes etc. This is interesting, since Microsoft made a point of not allowing Xbox Live for the original machine to be used as a bugfixing tool. It appears that there will be regular updates for the new system going forward, much as we have regular Windows fixes now. With the ubiquity of broadband on the console, it is obviously much easier to manage versioning and patching across the user base.

No word on when it's going to be available, but the word is 'soon'.

Have you had any dodgy experiences with the 360 so far? Discovered any problems or bugs? Looking forward to video chat with other 360 gamers? Let us know over in the forums, and be sure to drop back and let us know if this update solves your problems when it's out.
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