Xbox 360 controller for Windows hits virtual shelves

Written by Wil Harris

October 20, 2005 | 18:00

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Microsoft has officially announced the Xbox 360 controller for Windows. The wired version of the Xbox 360 controller plugs straight into a USB port on your PC, and operates via a driver downloaded from Windows Update.

The release is part of Microsoft's 'Games for Windows' push, which is designed to catapult Windows forward, as a gaming platform, alongside Xbox 360. By creating a unified hardware input with the controllers, and a unified software platform with XNA, Microsoft hope that the predicted success of the 360 will help PC development, and that PC games can be more easily ported to the 360.

Here's what Pirate-in-training J Allard had to say:

"This controller is a great example of one of the many areas where the Xbox 360 and Windows platforms complement each other...The Xbox 360 Controller for Windows is an important step in making it easier for consumers to enjoy gaming on both platforms.”

The controller has an astounding 9-foot cable - which we'd suggest is a little long for just sitting at a PC, but that's what cable ties are for, we suppose. Funkily, you can use the controller to plug straight into the 360 too.

The controller is £24.99 in the UK, and $44.95 in the States.

Will you be using the Xbox 360 controller? Will you stick with your existing PC gamepad? Do you already use a Xbox or PS2 controller on your PC via a converter? Drop by the News Forum and give us your thoughts.
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