Xbox Live has loads of users

Written by Ryan Garside

May 19, 2006 | 11:44

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Xbox Live, Microsoft’s online content and multiplayer facility, has surpassed 24 million downloads since the 360’s release in the US.

A huge amount of downloading took place during the E3 games show where Microsoft offered the opportunity for all 360 owners to download trailers and videos exclusively from the show. Understandably, Bill Gate’s merry men are quite proud about the achievement and released a statement earlier today:

“Xbox Live members downloaded over 5 million pieces of gaming and entertainment content during the 7 days of E3: Bringing It Home, consuming more than 600 Terabytes of data, shattering all previous records for the network. At the same time, traffic on doubled during the week, driving more than 6 million unique users to the site as well.

“Only Xbox Live could bring E3 home in high definition for consumers around the world," said Peter Moore, corporate vice president of the Interactive Entertainment Business in the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft. "The sheer volume of downloads during E3 week was simply staggering. To put it in perspective, all the printed material in the U.S. Library of Congress is estimated to be about 20 terabytes, and Xbox Live delivered 30 times that amount in just 7 days. While others talk about online entertainment in the console space, we are delivering it in glorious high-definition to the millions of members we have across 24 countries. "

With Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii both launching their own mirror services with their upcoming consoles the future for online content delivery certainly does look bright. For all those interested in top 10’s, here was what people were downloading most throughout E3:

1. Halo 3 Game Trailer (Microsoft Game Studios)
2. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Free Playable Demo (Capcom)
3. Test Drive® Unlimited Free Playable Demo (Atari)
4. MotoGPTM '06 Free Playable Demo (THQ)
5. X-MenTM: The Last Stand Pack (20th Century Fox)
6. Gears of War GameTrailer (Microsoft Game Studios)
7. Call of Duty ®2: Skirmish Map Pack (Activision)
8. SpidermanTM 3 Game Trailer (Activision)
9. Fable 2 Trailer (Microsoft Game Studios)
10. Uno® Xbox Live Arcade Game (Microsoft Game Studios)

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