Xbox Live UK pricing official

Written by Brett Thomas

September 13, 2005 | 20:21

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Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Live pricing arrangement and features list for the UK market on Monday morning. Peter Moore, the VP of Worldwide Marketing for the Home Entertainment division of the Redmond giant, said that "Xbox live on Xbox 360 gives each and every player the opportunity to become a member of the world's larges online gaming community... With a choice of service level and multiple offerings, gamers everywhere will get the most out of their games by experiencing breakthrough new features on the most innovative video-game system to date."

So what does this "innovative system" with "breakthrough features" cost? Well, nothing for the most basic membership. Xbox Live Silver will be free with the purchase of every Xbox 360, as previously speculated. This basic membership will include:
  • Creating a gamer profile
  • Receive and send text and voice messages
  • Have access to Xbox Live Marketplace
In addition, they will be offering a premium service again, Xbox Live Gold. This, of course, includes all of the above, along with the additional content below:
  • Online Multiplayer Gaming
  • Enhanced matchmaking/feedback tools and player ratings
  • Special content on Xbox Live Marketplace
Notice that multiplayer gaming does not seem to be part of the Silver package. So, to be able to play online, you will need the Gold membership. For this privelage, you will be paying the following:
  • 1 month: £4.99
  • 3 months: £14.99 (an additional cost of £0.03)
  • 12 months: £39.99 (a saving of £19.89)
So, in effect, the revamps that they're making to the system will cost no more than their current pricing scheme.

The additional boon is that gamers won't need credit cards to sign up or subscribe - opening up online gaming to those either not comfortable with giving out credit details online or not old enough to have a credit card.

Surprised it's so cheap? Upset that you can't play online without the additional fee? Let us know what you think in our Forums.
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