Zombie Studios shutting down

Written by David Hing

January 8, 2015 | 12:38

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Blacklight: Retribution developer and Spec Ops series creator Zombie Studios has closed its doors and wound down after 20 years in the industry.

The reason for the studio closing its doors is simply that its owners are choosing to retire.

Zombie Studios was founded in 1994 and its portfolio includes nine entries to the Spec Ops series, text adventure sequel Zork Nemesis, the Saw film tie in games and quasi-procedurally generated survival horror Daylight which was released last year.

’Zombie was formed in the same year that Forrest Gump was released, Sony’s PlayStation launched, and Justin Bieber was born,’ writes a Zombie Studios spokesperson in a farewell message on the studio’s site. ’It was also four years before Google was founded, and four years before Half-Life was released.’

’Since then we have published our won and been a part of over thirty titles, worked on every major console, partnered with nearly every publisher, and even did a bit of work for the US Army. ’

Ownership of Blacklight: Retribution and any ongoing development that the studio had left to do has been passed over to Builder Box Games, a new studio made up of Zombie veterans including several of its former key staff members.

Former Zombie Studios production director and technical director Andy Kipling and Russell Nelson will lead Builder Box Games which has a deal to work with publisher Perfect World in delivering more updates to Blacklight Retribution.
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