Gears of War art head to make Thundercats Movie

Written by Joe Martin

October 11, 2007 | 09:56

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A new movie adaptation of the geek-pleasing Thundercats cartoon series has just been announced by Warner Bros. The cartoon series, which detailed the adventures of a group of cat-like aliens as they battle Egyptian mummies on an alien planet, was a massive success when it first hit the small screen and retains a loyal following of geeks to this day.

Now before you sigh and roll your eyes, preparing yourself for another disappointing movie adaptation of your favourite cartoon, there's one thing you should be aware of.

Warner Bros. has officially announced that Jerry O'Flaherty has been enlisted to direct the movie.

O'Flaherty has in the past worked as art director on games like Gears of War, Unreal Tournament 3 and the Command and Conquer series, which lends him a certain degree of credibility and respect. Being a massive geek himself, he is obviously keen to see the new film done right.

The film is confirmed to be entirely computer animated, with no live humans playing a role other than as voice actors. Whether the movie will follow the camp tone of the original series or switch to the more adult and dark themes explored in the short-lived comic series hasn’t yet been decided.

Other than that, the news is really rather thin on the ground for now. The plot at least seems to be close to the original and Variety has described it as "a group of humanoid cats who must flee the planet of Thundera, which is destroyed. Once crash-landing on another planet, Third Earth, they must thwart Mumm-Ra, an evil sorcerer bent on killing them off."

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