Go green with carbon-free webhosting

Written by Phil Cogar

August 17, 2007 | 13:25

Tags: #eco #environment #friendly #green #solar-power

Right now, going "green" is a major thing happening throughout the technology industries. From low power HDDs, bamboo monitors and wooden cases all the way to environmentally friendly laptops, it seems as if everyone out there is trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible. (Well, except for these guys.)

Heck, here at bit-tech we try to leave as little of a carbon footprint as possible even when dealing with the latest in bleeding edge technology. When he is not busy keeping the site up and running, Rich Taylor (RTT) is kept locked in a gigantic hamster wheel where he has to constantly run to keep the lights from going out and Joe Martin has even admitted to just how environmentally friendly he is over in the forums.

Normally we don't pimp many web services or the like, but when forum member Mother-Gooser pointed us towards his mate's carbon-free web hosting, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to let all you out there know about it.

Solar Host is a web hosting service that runs completely off solar power and even its datacentre is certified energy efficient. Not just carbon deals and energy rebates efficient - we mean totally solar. It even stores the juice in biodegradable batteries! And with prices ranging from £20 a year for an email only package to £95 a year for 2Gb of webspace, it's wallet-friendly too.

100 percent uptime and reliability are primary dedications for the company and its servers are powered by AMD Opterons; but other then that, we don't know many more details. Hopefully though, I'll soon have a chat with Tom Williamson, the owner and operator of Solar Host, and find out more about the hardware and power structure behind this carbon free web host.

Meanwhile, however, let us know if you'd be willing to migrate your site over to an eco-friendly web host in the comments below or over in the forums.

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