Google: Cloud data location isn't important

Written by David Hing

June 10, 2011 | 13:40

Tags: #cloud #data #privacy #security

Companies: #google

Google claims that security professionals don't need to worry about where cloud-based data is stored, and says they should instead focus on the security of their data.

Chief security officer for Google Apps, Eran Feignbaum, explained that security and privacy are priorities over geographical location. In relation to where the data is stored, he told SC Magazine that 'it is an old way of thinking.'

He also claimed that inappropriate access to client data isn't an issue, as less than 2 per cent of Google staff had entered its top secret data centres.

According to Feignbaum, customer data is separated into chunks, each of which is replicated around worldwide redundant data centres. In addition to this, Google also says that each of its hard drives features a unique barcode, which enables it to keep a record of all the data that's been stored on each disk.

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