Google's BigDaddy goes in to beta

Written by Wil Harris

February 1, 2006 | 10:26

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Rather than sitting back and letting the traffic roll in, it seems that Google is making an effort to upgrade its search engine further. Not content with being the number one search portal, it is implementing a whole new back end - codenamed 'BigDaddy' - to enable it to improve further.

BigDaddy promises faster searches with more results and greater accuracy. Our initial testing suggests that, at least for the stuff that we tend to search for, there's not much difference in the ordering of results.

The new backend is the brainchild of Matt Cutts, the Chief Search Engineer at Google. He is masterminding its deployment in two brand new data centres. The new backend infrastructure will, he suggests, give 100% uptime to the search portal, which would be a pretty phenomenal achievement. That said, when was the last time you saw Google down anyway?

The news won't be enough, however, to slow the Google share price slump that happened yesterday. Google shares have been trading at enormously high levels, but yesterday its stock slumped by $53 on the news that its profits weren't going to be as good as they had previously expected.

Here at bit-tech towers, we were just saying how difficult our life would be without Google. How would we pull up obscure information? Where would we discover the latest breaking tech news? More to the point, how would we find all those high-res Angelina Jolie wallpapers?

If you want to see the new service for yourself, you can check it out at Google BigDaddy.

What would your life be like without Google? Would your school grades drop by a couple of notches? Would your company reports lack a little research? Let us know your thoughts on Google BigDaddy over in the forums.
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