Google releases new Calendar app

Written by Wil Harris

April 13, 2006 | 11:50

Tags: #sms

Companies: #google

Google has added another application into its rapidly-expanding online software suite with the release of Google Calendar.

The Calendar, available online at, supports collaboration between groups of people and calendar sharing. You can view other people's calendars next to your own, much like Mac users enjoy with iCal, currently.

You can also add events using natural language - for example, typing in "Dinner at 7 on Friday with Tim" should create an event with those details in application.

You can also set reminders which can ping your mobile with SMS and you can manage invitations to events and conversations in Google Chat relating to events within the interface too.

Go and have a play with the application then let us know your thoughts over in the News Discussion forum - we'd be really interested to hear your feedback. Will you be switching from Outlook to Gmail and Gcal?
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