Google to change the way it searches

Written by Wil Harris

April 11, 2006 | 16:21

Tags: #australia #search #student

Companies: #google #microsoft #yahoo

Google has bought a new algorithm that will enable it to display extracts from searches on the search results page itself.

The algorithm was created by a chap called Ori Allon, a student in Australia. Google beat off bids from Microsoft and Yahoo to acquire his work.

Rather than just sending people off to relevant web pages when a search is performed, Google could now display text answering those queries directly in the Google interface, either as Google-branded answers or as text excerpts from websites it would otherwise be sending people to.

Why the change? Well, currently Google is a great place to go to find out things from other websites. But if you stay on Google's pages for longer, it can serve you more Google ads and sponsored keywords, allowing it to make more money - rather than sending you off to other places.

Currently, sites like MSN and Yahoo also have their own content portals to keep surfers on their sites. Could Google be looking to create a mega-site that could provide the answers - and the information - to absolutely anything?

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