Google offers starter software pack

Written by Wil Harris

January 12, 2006 | 08:18

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bit-tech reader Darkreaper writes:

Google has released a 'software starter kit' designed to help the less computer literate get the most from their PCs. It can be downloaded from and includes by default a batch of Google-brand software (Google Earth, Desktop and Toolbar, along with a photo organiser and photo screensaver) plus several popular programs from other companies - including the much-loved alternative browser, Mozilla Firefox 1.5 (with the Google Toolbar pre-installed), Ad-Aware SE Personal for spyware protection, a Special Edition of Norton AV 2005 with 6-month subscription, and Adobe Reader 7.

This standard pack will endear itself to many by offering free anti-virus and spyware software, along with a browser that is getting more and more good press. It will benefit Google by getting its software (and therefore brand) installed on many more computers.

This is only the beginning, however, as the software pack is customisable by selecting extra software to install or removing some of the defaults - Google Talk (Google-brand VoIP and IM software) is the only Google product not included by default but Trillian, RealPlayer and another gallery program, GalleryPlayer HD Images are available. The inclusion of RealPlayer may cause some controversy among some more net-savvy users, as the player is often surrounded by a miasma of badmouthing and accusations of spyware.

Overall, however, this is a very useful software pack and is an interesting release coming so soon on the heels of 'Google Computer' rumours. Could this be the first peek at the GPC's software bundle?

There's some more info over at the Sydney Morning Herald. While you're waiting for your Google pack to download, why not hit the forums and let us know what you think of the idea?
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