Nearly half of UK net users have mobile Internet

Written by Iain Farquhar

September 1, 2011 | 16:56

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According to a report published by the Office of National Statistics, over 45 per cent of Internet users in the UK now access the Internet from a mobile data connection.

According to the report, published yesterday, the number of people who accessed the Internet while on the move increased from 31 to 45 per cent in the last year. The report also revealed that the number of wireless hotspots had nearly doubled in the last year to nearly 5 million.

The report also surprisingly revealed that 77 per cent of UK households have an Internet connection - a statistic that founder and government-appointed 'Digital Champion' Martha Lane-Fox reportedly described as 'depressing' on BBC Radio 4's World at One programme.

What's more, 2 per cent of these net-connected households still use dial-up. Given that the report states that 19 million UK households have a net connection, this means there are around 380,000 households still struggling with a sub-56Kb/sec connection.

Do you use a mobile Internet connection? Are any of you still struggling with a dial-up connection? Let us know in the forums.
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