Have you filled in our 2010 reader survey?

Written by Alex Watson

May 7, 2010 | 09:14

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As you might be aware, we're currently running our 2010 reader survey - we want to know about the computers you use, the tech you want, the games you play, and what you want us to be writing about in the future.

This is the last time we'll bug you about it, promise, but we're keen to get responses from as many readers as possible to make sure that the answers truly reflect what the bit-tech community is like and what you're interested in reading about.

It's not just good karma that will come your way if you take a few minutes to fill in the survey - it'll mean you'll see a magazine and website that contains more of the coverage you want to read.

Even better, you can win prizes too - simply by filling in the survey, you'll be in with a chance of winning a fantastic Corsair Professional Series prize bundle worth £340, featuring a PSU, H50 water-cooling kit and 6GB of DDR3. Here's what our friends at Corsair describe it:

"The Professional Series HX650W is a modular PSU with low-profile cables to increase airflow through the chassis. It offers a single 52A +12V rail, making it ideal for modern PCs with multi-core processors and DirectX 10/11 graphics cards. And with 80 Plus Bronze certification, ensuring efficiency of 85% under typical load conditions, the HX650W will reduce your energy usage, while remaining cool and quiet.

The Hydro H50 High Performance CPU cooler uses liquid-cooling technology to provide better performance than competing air-coolers, at lower noise levels. Its sealed, maintenance-free design and compatibility with all current Intel and AMD socket formats makes it an ideal upgrade, whether you are looking to overclock your PC, or just keep it cool and reliable.

The Corsair 6GB 1600MHz Dominator memory kit is designed for triple-channel Intel X58 motherboards. Featuring tight timings of 8-8-8-24, and XMP profile for simple memory configuration in the BIOS, and Corsair’s patented DHX+ memory heatsink for unmatched reliability, Corsair Dominator is the ideal choice for a performance PC.

Unfortunately, the prize draw is only open to UK residents but the survey is open to all readers - so please let us know your thoughts! We've also altered the data collection options, so if you don't want to register with Dennis, you don't have to.

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