HP Blackbird 002 - Voodoo Powered

September 7, 2007 | 14:10

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First off the bad news - it's only available in the States. Sorry.

Next, for everyone left still reading, I'll explain. The Blackbird is the outcome of work between Voodoo and HP after the acquisition of the former by the latter a year ago.

The Blackbird 002 features a completely new chassis built from the ground up with a very distinct cast aluminium stand that suspends the PC over the floor and is able to hold up to 600 lb (or 272.16Kg for everyone in the modern world). It may look very integrated and hard to work with, but it's entirely tool-less and shown to be exceptionally easy to get into (according to the funky flash animations on the HP site). The overall design is specifically catered for maximising the cooling potential of the case, however we've yet to see the exactly details of this.

Inside is a massive 1.1kW PSU, Corsair Dominator PC2-8500 EPP memory, (optional) 10,000RPM Western Digital Raptor hard drives and RAID-5 array (although we suspect, onboard only), with five bays incorporated into the design there's tons of room for expansion. The design is actually said to lend itself to a mere 10 second disk swap.

The Intel Extreme Edition or AMD FX CPU comes pre-overclocked from the factory and is cooled by a watercooling system designed by Aestek. The graphics also get watercooled and both ATI CrossFire and Nvidia SLI are supported. To top things off, a Creative X-Fi and PhysX card are available as an extra.

For the Intel version, an Asus Striker Extreme is used for the SLI options and although we've yet to know what is used with the CrossFire boards we expect it'll be an X38 also from Asus.

HP states that it includes a "performance BIOS", but whether this is just marketing speak for "we used a performance motherboard off the shelf that came with a performance BIOS" or whether HP has tweaked it for personal use we've yet to know. We suspect the former, but with a HP Blackbird 002 logo on the front instead of a Striker Extreme.

If you're interested though then prepare to fork out anywhere between $2,500 to $6,500 for one, depending on what you want inside.

I think the main point we need to take home here is that while most of us won't be tempted by an expensive uber-performance PC we can build ourselves if need be: where can we buy the case?? Plllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaassssseeee HP sell it on its own!! Don't be mean like Dell is with its XPS!

Want to publicly add the case to your wishlist, or do you hate the design utterly? Let us know in the forums.

Finally glad the HP-Voodoo combination is producing something enviable or would you just prefer an Alienware, XPS or Vadim? Let us know in the forums.
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