Infosys working on 3D devices

June 23, 2008 | 08:11

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If you've always thought that your digital world needs a little more dimensionality, then Infosys might just be working on the answer to your dreams.

The Indian organisation is, according to CNet, currently working on hand-held mobile devices capable of capturing, sending, receiving, and projecting three-dimensional images of anything you point them at. Allegedly this is so professional types like doctors and engineers can work more efficiently, but let's face it – we all know that the prototypes have been down at least one pair of pants.

The technology is detailed in US Patent 7,209,269, granted back in April 2007. The idea is that with a special lens and a certain amount of technical jiggery-pokery – CNet's coverage is limited to the explanation that “algorithms called 'Fourier' transformations [are used] to calculate the extra third dimension” - you too can capture and save 3D representation of common body parts. I mean, objects. Projection is taken care of via another special lens, known as a 'micro holographic optical element', and that old favourite – lasers.

Infosys' work on three-dimensional projection is telling of the growing interest in the market – although somewhat ironic from a company with the marketing tagline of “Learn Flat World secrets from a Flat World company.”

Do you think that three-dimensional user interfaces are the way forward, or is the technology destined to be sidelined for entertainment purposes? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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