Intel Core i3 2100T details leak

November 3, 2010 | 15:57

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Details of Intel's upcoming Sandy Bridge-based i3 processors have leaked out, and there's one particular model that has caught people's interest: it features a tiny TDP.

Specifications for the Core i3 2100T chip were obtained by Fudzilla from an unnamed source, and reveal an interesting chip for Intel's lower-end range: featuring two 2.5GHz processing cores and HyperThreading support for up to four simultaneous threads, the Core i3 2100T also packs a beefy 3MB of shared cache.

Although the integrated graphics chipset, which trundles along at 650MHz but can hit 1100MHz when Intel's Turbo Boost technology kicks in, is unlikely to impress gamers, what may gather more interest is the power draw of the chip: its alleged TDP is a mere 35W, thanks to a technology that Intel is to call 'Power Optimising Lifestyle.'

For a desktop chip, where power draw of over 100W is not unheard of, that's a pretty impressive figure, and while the alleged specifications of the chip clearly demonstrate it's not aimed at gamers, it could be an interesting choice for size-restricted systems such as home theatre PCs or small form factor builds.

OEMs are likely to find uses for the chip, too: while the TDP is too high for it to be a realistic option in the portable market, the Core i3 2100T could become the new staple of all-in-one desktop machines.

The Core i3 2100T is said to support dual-channel DDR3 at 1066MHz or 1333MHz, and comes in an LGA 1155 package, but sadly until Intel makes the release official there's no news of a launch date or pricing information.

Does the new Intel Core i3 2100T look like an interesting addition to the company's line-up, or are you more interested in the performance chips than the eco-friendly options? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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