Justin Rattner steps down as Intel CTO

June 28, 2013 | 08:38

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Intel's Justin Rattner is to step down as chief technical officer, having fallen foul of an age-related by-law that requires all corporate officers to be aged under 65.

Rattner joined Intel in 1973, became its first principal engineer in 1979, the fourth Intel Fellow in 1988 and one of the first Intel Senior Fellows in 2001. Part of the regular crew Intel uses for its keynote speeches at the annual Intel Developer Forum (IDF) - having participated in more keynotes than any other Intel presenter - Rattner's plaudits include being named R&D Magazine's Scientist of the Year in 1989, ABC News' Person of the Week in 1996 and the Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group Industry Luminary Award for 21st Century Industrial Innovation.

Rattner's name can also be found attached to four patents:a data processing system; a hardware scheduler/dispatcher for said data processing system; an interprocessor communication system, and a programmable I/O sequencer for use in an I/O processor. Since taking on a more managerial role, however, his work in this field has reduced, with the most recent of those patents dating back to 1989.

Rather than being a falling-out with any other staff member, Rattner's departure from the role comes as a result of his age: a by-law in Intel's charter states that no corporate officer may serve in his or her role past the age of 65, which Rattner has now reached. As a result, he is to step down with his division - Intel Labs - to report to Intel's president Renée James in the interim.

Rattner's departure is to occur immediately, with Intel claiming that a 'pressing family matter' means he is to take an unspecified amount of personal leave from the company. Following the matter's resolution, Rattner will return to Intel in a non-officer role, the details of which have yet to be decided.

The announcement comes just days after Rattner's Intel Labs division held its 11th annual Research@Intel event where twenty new technologies - including a system for using car's lights as a communications network to reduce automotive accidents, Shelf Edge Technology for personalising the shopping experience, the combination of public and personal data with context-aware algorithms to present only the most useful data to a user, and an Internet of Things (IoT)-themed system for adding sensing capabilities to inanimate objects around the house - were demonstrated to the world.

Thus far, Intel has not indicated who will succeed Rattner in the role of chief technical officer.
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