Internet could be filled up by 2010

Written by Phil Cogar

November 21, 2007 | 12:08

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You're clogging up the Internet tubes! At least that is what a new study performed by US analyst firm Nemertes Research says. The study predicts that, because consumer and corporate use of the Internet is becoming so heavy, the Internet could come to a gridlock by the year 2010.

According to Nemertes Research, internet backbone providers will need to fund up to $137 billion in order to increase capacity to keep up with demand. Increasing ISP speeds along with new video and other Web content

Our findings indicate that although core fibre and switching/routing resources will scale nicely to support virtually any conceivable user demand, Internet access infrastructure, specifically in North America, will likely cease to be adequate for supporting demand within the next three to five years,” says Nemertes.

ISPs around the world are already investing millions and even billions of dollars into their networks in order to keep up with the ever increasing demand for access speed. Some are even going to drastic measures in order to help ease some of the traffic.

Recently, US ISP Comcast was caught throttling BitTorrent downloads through packet shaping techniques. The whole ordeal with Comcast might end wind up in court and, should Comcast prevail, set a precedent for ISPs and just how the can manage their network traffic.

AT&T may be taking other steps in order to help ease its network traffic. News came about yesterday that the telecom giant has invested in a "video DNA" system in order to stop piracy at the ISP level. The new techniques uses bits and sample of a video being downloaded and compares it to a "DNA strain" on file. If the samples match up, then your download could be shut off. Of course the EFF is watching this move very closely and warns that AT&T could be violating users' privacy.

Do you think that we'll really come to an Internet gridlock in just over two years or is this another scaremongering study? Leave your thoughts over in the forums.
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