Grab the Internet Explorer mu-mu-MULTIPATCH

Written by Wil Harris

April 12, 2006 | 13:01

Tags: #critical #internet-explorer #patch #update

Companies: #microsoft

Microsoft released a patch yesterday which fixes 10 - count 'em - flaws in Internet Explorer.

The update, which is rated 'Critical' by Microsoft (meaning that even nefarious types with dodgy copies of Windows can grab the update) fixes flaws that are already being used to entrap users into running malicious code on their home systems, turning those systems in to spam-bots, spy-bots or Autobots. Well, maybe not that last one.

The critical flaws have also been a problem for those using Outlook Express, due to the way that the programme handles HTML emails.

Users worried about protecting themselves from dodgy Microsoft code have already been able to download a third party patch since last week, when the 'CreateTextRange' critical vulnerability became known.

Users really worried about dodgy Microsoft code have been running Firefox for the past year and laughing at hapless IE goons.

The update also makes a change to the way that ActiveX controls work on webpages. Microsoft has recently been sued by a start-up backed by the University of California over alleged patent infringement and this change is designed to get around that issue.

Does it ever feel like Groundhog Day being a Windows user? Let us know your thoughts on the constant stream of security updates over in the forums.
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