iPhone App Store details revealed

July 10, 2008 | 09:07

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If you're an iPhone user – or if you're planning to pick up the second-generation 3G-enabled model this Friday – then you're probably eager to see the new App Store rumoured to be launching this Thursday.

Apple's App Store, which is designed to offer downloadable software that can be installed onto an un-modified iPhone without the need for 'jailbreak' hackery, has been described by Steve Jobs – a man not known for tact and restraint – as “the biggest launch” of his career. As with most future Apple launches, details are sketchy – even this close to the official release.

Apple fan site MacRumours has compiled an interesting list of facts that are known prior to the launch date, however. Perhaps the most important snippet is the news that the Store will feature around five hundred applications on launch day, of which a quarter will be available completely free of charge. The majority of the remaining packages, from companies as diverse as social networking sites MySpace and Facebook to Sega and AOL, will retail for $9.99 or lower; just ten percent of the total will break this pocket-friendly figure.

MacRumours also quotes a New York Times article claiming that a third of the applications will be games – with around 166 to choose from at launch, that's a definite win for the casual gamer.

Perhaps the most interesting application currently scheduled is Pandora – an iPhone-based version of the popular web radio service, rumoured to be launching as one of the free packages. Sadly, that's not something we're going to get to play with on this side of the pond; owing to onerous licensing restrictions placed on the service by the Performing Rights Society, the company was forced to stop streaming to IP addresses located in the UK back in January.

Is anyone counting down the hours to the official App Store launch, or do bit-tech iPhone owners just use Installer.App? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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