iPod meets EyeBud...

Written by Brett Thomas

January 3, 2006 | 18:09

Tags: #ipod #screen #theatre #video #vision

The video iPod is about to get yet another accessory. But this is no simple toy or little gadget...this one costs more than the iPod itself.

The Seattle PI reports that eMargin Corp, a manufacturer in military and industrial vision technology, is stepping into the consumer ring in a big way...sort of. The new EyeBud 800 is a wearable, monocular screen that is less than the size of a quarter (or a 10 pence piece for those of us in the UK - Ed.), though it appears like a 105 inch screen viewed from about 12 feet away.

The one-man theatre will be commercially available in the first half of 2006 with an expected price tag of USD $599. It will have its first public debut at eMargin's booth at CES, where we will be reporting live for the duration of this week. Perhaps we'll get a glimpse of it there!

Think this is a great idea? Or is it another overpriced wishlist item for those macophiles with too much money? Drop in our forums and let us know your view.
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