iPod nano to get shorter, wider?

Written by Phil Cogar

August 24, 2007 | 12:14

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A new iPod seems to hit the shelves every year and this year is no exception. At least that's what the speculation is.

A couple of days ago, Engadget posted a "spy photo" of the next generation of iPod Nanos. Comments spread across the Internet ranging from the typical "I love it" (not many of those) to the "OMG! It is so ugly!" (the vast majority).

The spy photo showed an iPod shorter, yet wider then the Nano in a multitude of muted-pastel colours.

Apple stayed silent on the matter and everything was speculation, but that speculation started carrying just a bit more weight then normal yesterday when Engadget received notification from Apple's legal team to remove the picture. Apple claimed that the photo was "stolen from the company."

Whether or not this shorter, fatter iPod is the real deal will remain to be seen for now or at least until the rumoured Apple media event next month.

This rumoured media event will be where Apple will usher in a complete OS redesign of the entire iPod line. The Pixo-influenced OS of current iPods should be replaced by a derivative of Mac OS with a possibility of a full screen iPod similar to the iPhone also being unveiled.

So right now, we're sitting in a massive heap of speculation but as with the majority of Apple rumours that make wind across the web, these may turn out to be true as well. Time will tell if Apple does hold that event next month.

Had enough variations of the iPod yet or have they just not nailed your liking? What do you think about this new Nano? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below or over in the forums.
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