iTunes in the Land of the Rising Sun

Written by Jason Cundall

August 4, 2005 | 13:20

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Apple opened the digital doors to Japanese iTunes customers today, as Cupertino's music download service hit the land of the rising sun:

Apple finally launched the Japanese version of its iTunes Music Store today, but less widely reported tie-ins with three major car makers will probably have a greater impact on the company's fortunes.

ITMS Japan will offer listeners a choice of 1m songs, available at either ¥150 ($1.35/£0.76) or ¥200 ($1.80/£1.01). Apple has began to introduce differential pricing in the US, with some songs from independent labels coming in above the 99c it initially established as the standard price. However, the Japanese store is the first to launch with multi-tier pricing up front.

Apple now operates stores for 20 countries around the world, with Australia the most notable absence from the list.

More from the Register here.

Good thing, or creeping fruit-flavoured menace? And what's wrong with Australia? Why the iTunes cold shoulder - has the land down under insulted Steveo recently? Discuss these issues in the news forum here.
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