iTunes Video Store Soon?

Written by Jason Cundall

May 10, 2005 | 18:42

Tags: #itms #video #video-downloads

The latest update to Apple's iTunes music store and client software may presage a move into supplying paid for video content via the web, according to reports today. The store is already offering small video downloads with certain music purchases, according to

The all-conquering iTunes Music Store looks to be morphing into a multimedia download shop.

The latest update, which Apple Computer released earlier this week, reveals that the song shop may be turning into a video vendor.

The new iteration of iTunes comes with new features for the music store and updated QuickTime video support, leading to speculation that the update is paving the way for Apple to sell music videos or longer film downloads alongside its traditional singles and album business.

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Of course this move raises the question of whether Mr Jobs is finally going to do a U-Turn on his long held belief that there is no need for a video iPod. In my opinion, It'd be silly to offer video content to users of the store, and not allow them some sort of vPod to play it on - unless you're expected to view on a laptop instead...

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