According to last weekend's Sunday Telegraph newspaper, Motorola will officially unveil their highly anticipated iTunes handset during this year's V Festival, set to rock the UK on the third weekend in August.

There has been a lot of media speculation about the phone: what it will look like; what features it will have. Indeed, it is not expected to support the downloading of music from Apple's iTunes store over the cellular network, leaving users left wondering just how different it will be from the myriad of current handsets that already have MP3 playback.

According to The Register, Virgin Mobile are a likely launch partner for the new Moto, as they are headline sponsor of the V Festival weekend. Virgin Mobile are much smaller than the other major players in the UK market - Vodaphone, O2, Orange and T-Mobile - and in line with much of the Virgin Group, have a fun and youth-oriented image. This could make them a better partner for the iPod-like phone than the more corporate networks.

Ultimately, history will be the judge of this venture. Quite why users would leave their 20GB iPods at home, or even their 512MB iPod Shuffles in favour of having iTunes on their phone is beyond me. However, maybe Motorola have something up their sleeves - we shall have to wait for the official announcement.

What are your thoughts? Is an iTunes-compatible phone a useful synergy or a pointless cash in? Let your voice be heard in our News Discussion forum.
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