Japan to get 1Gb/s in the home

September 29, 2008 | 12:48

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If you didn't already suffer from broadband envy, prepare to turn green: homes in Japan are set to get a 1Gb/s connection to the 'net.

According to a Japan Today article quoted by Slashdot user ashitaka, Japanese telecoms firm KDDI is set to launch a fibre broadband service aimed at single-family dwellings which will offer a staggering 1Gb/s symmetric connection.

Unlike ADSL, which is asymmetric in that it offers a far lower upstream speed than it does downstream, the service from KDDI will offer a full 1Gb/s in both directions – perfect for people planning on uploading large quantities of data. There's no mention there of a monthly usage cap, either: that said, nor is there any mention of contention ratio.

Considering the speed, the price is surprisingly affordable at 5,985 Yen per month (£30) based on a two-year contract. From here in the UK – where a 20Mb/s connection (with just 768Kb/s upstream) will set you back around the same price – that looks like an absolute bargain.

The service, due to launch on the first of October, will be the fastest available in Eastern Japan – a far cry from that 'paltry' 100Mb/s the poor customers of rival fibre-to-the-home provider NTT have to put up with. By offering a service of ten times the speed, KDDI is hoping to poach some of NTT's customers and gain some ground on the 70 percent market share owned by its rival.

Thinking of moving to Japan just to get some cheap 1Gb/s goodness, or is good old ADSL enough for you? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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