Want a job in the secret service? Get on Google.

Written by Ryan Garside

April 19, 2006 | 12:15

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Australia’s top security agency is about to launch a $1 million campaign to attract new spies – and they plan to do it through Google.

By typing a relevant term into Google such as the company name, Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, Google provides a link directly to the firm’s recruitment page through its sponsored keywords advertising scheme. For every click that users make on the link Google receives a small fee.

The agency, whose primary function is similar to MI5 in England, has needed to expand its ranks with increased levels of terrorism over recent years. The move to recruit in such a 21st century manner is far removed from the traditional idea of spy recruitment, a whisper in the ear from a shadowy stranger. But with the agency needing to increase itsranks by over 800 new General Intelligence Officers over the next 5 years, perhaps some of bit-tech's readers might want to email in an application.

For all our potential James Bonds stuck in Britannia, don’t feel too left out. Despite our own security agencies not yet advertising through Google, late last year MI6 did set up its own recruitment website. The new campaign received a very mixed response with many feeling that spies should be selected rather than recruited. You can view the recruitment page here.

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