IE and FF users: Patch or be damned

Written by Jason Cundall

December 14, 2005 | 19:20

Tags: #firefox #internet-explorer #patch #windows

Take this as a public service announcement. Yep. It's another IE bug that could be used maliciously. Yawn. But wait - not only does it effect Redmond's mighty browsing organ, its chief rival is susceptible to the issue as well:

Windows users are being warned about a bug that lets attackers take over a PC via the Internet Explorer browser.

The bug made possible webpages that can compromise a PC without a user spotting the attack, Microsoft warned.

Code to exploit the bug was circulating online which led Microsoft to label the bug "critical" and said users should apply a patch immediately.

At the same time a similar bug was found to be affecting the rival Firefox web browser.

Read all about it over at the Beeb, here.

So - once again, you've been warned. Firefox users who've been keeping up-to date with their upgrades should be OK, but IExplorerites should grab the patches soonest.

Feel free to lament about the flaws in modern browsers (or the scum that seek to exploit them) to your hearts content in the news forum.
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