Leopard bears its teeth, crashes systems

Written by Phil Cogar

October 30, 2007 | 12:44

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One of the features Mac users like to tout most frequently is how simple OS X is - how easy it is to install and use without hardware or software issues or conflicts. But OS X 10.5, more commonly known as Leopard, which was just released just three days ago, is spawning all sorts of installation problems for users.

One of the frequent problems is, after the installation process has apparently completed and the system prompts users to reboot the system, their machines will fail to fully boot and will display only a blank blue screen. Users have reported waiting multiple hours for the screen to resolve, but to no avail.

Many users have contacted Apple both on its forums and via phone support. Neither source can yet provide a solution. Possibly more frustrating is the fact that Apple’s phone bank is being flooded with calls, causing wait times of over an hour before representatives become available.

The issue isn’t limited to a single type of system, users have reported the same issue on all types of Apple hardware. The only thing Apple has announced concerning the problem is that it could be caused by third party “enhancement” software that’s not compatible with Leopard. Many sources have focused this to software released by Unsanity that allows users to customize all settings in OS X. However, users that don’t have the Unsanity software installed have also reported the blue screen issue, so a specific trigger is unknown at this point.

The only solution that has arisen so far is to format the partition and perform a complete reinstall of Leopard, but obviously this isn’t an ideal fix. Many users have reported not backing up their data before upgrading (FOOLS! - Ed), and it's unknown whether the failed install corrupts the existing data on the drive or not.

Does a blue screen of death bring back warm memories of hair-pulling and frustration, or are you currently trying to resolve this particular problem on your own system? Let us know over in the forums.
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