Lite-On developing malleable mouse

February 4, 2008 | 07:22

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Lite-On, perhaps better known for optical drives, is planning to launch a 'moldable mouse' that promises to put an end to GUI-users discomfort.

The concept is to build a mouse lightweight modelling clay covered with a nylon/polyurethane fabric, with the idea being that you can mould the peripheral into whatever shape your little heart desires, tailoring it precisely to the contours of your hand in a way that just isn't possible with pre-formed plastic peripherals. In one fell swoop the company hopes to eliminate finger strain and carpal-tunnel syndrome associated with mouse usage.

Well, that's the plan. Should this thing ever make it to market I predict a barrage of YouTube videos feature breast- and penis-shaped pointers being brandished by a veritable horde of giggly teens.

Mucky mice aside, the clever part of the concept – aside from being able to squish the mouse when you get angry – comes from the buttons and scrollwheel, which are RFID-tagged wireless units that can be stuck anywhere on the surface of the mouse meaning you can truly design your own layout. Sadly, you're limited to two buttons and a scrollpad-style wheel at the moment.

After winning a Red-Dot Award for the concept design Lite-On is looking to bring the radical peripheral to market, although there's no news yet as to a release date.

An innovative idea, or is it just going to end up on the same scrap heap as roll-up rubber keyboards? Give us your thoughts over in the forums.
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