Microsoft holds hacker conference

Written by Wil Harris

June 17, 2005 | 09:27

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Microsoft has spent a few tough days facing up to the realities of its security problems, by sitting in a room full of hackers and watching the ensuing 'sploits.

Microsoft's Blue Hat security conference has seen some of Windows' top executives come face to face with 'security professionals' to look at the problems in the operating system and its apps.

Stephen Toulouse, from MS' security unit, said that "You couldn't hear anybody breathe" as hackers brought a Windows machine onto a malicious network with little effort.

A report mentions that Microsoft engineers took "body blows" for two days, noting that "Some of the engineers were turning red".

There was a current of mutual admiration underpinning the event, with hackers apparently finding some respect for possibly, despite everything, the most security-clued tech company in existence, and executives discovering that these hacker-types really know what they're talking about, and aren't just living in mum's basement.

However, security chiefs were visibly narced when hackers starting using Metasploit on stage, a tool that is effectively a DIY hackbox.

The report makes for great reading, and is an insight into both these camps of security types. Personally, I don't understand why Microsoft doesn't just hire all these guys for ludicrous salaries and buy the expertise it clearly wants. Surely they can afford it?

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