Microsoft releases Fundamentals for older PCs

Written by Glen Chivers

July 13, 2006 | 16:23

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Microsoft is taking a step back on the software front to help push older PCs to the future with updates which will allow older Operating Systems to act like Windows XP without changing the Operating System itself.

Designed for computers in which the business do not or cannot move to newer computers and Operating Systems, the software named Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs aims to improve security and will bridge the gap between legacy PCs and Windows XP or Vista. This comes after the death of Windows 98 after 8 years of service so this may relieve the stress of firms who rely on Windows 98.

Previously codenamed Eiger and Mönch, Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs is based on Windows XP Service Pack 2, it boasts reduced cost of ownership, improved manageability and security and is a thin-client meaning that much of the processing is done on the server although basic applications will still run on the client machine. You might think of this new software as being a very cut down version of Windows XP.

Is this a good thing or is it just encouraging users to stick with older Operating Systems and not to go forwards to more secure newer ones? In saying that Windows Fundamentals is supposed to improve OS security.

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