Windows Live Messenger launches

Written by Wil Harris

June 20, 2006 | 11:32

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The new version of MSN Messenger, now branded as Windows Live Messenger, is due to hit today.

There's more of the same MSN functionality we've come to expect, along with a few new bits.

Contacts can now be added to Messenger with just their phone number, as the new client integrates VoIP calling. Windows Live Contacts is integrated, which allows for automatic 'pushing' of new contact information as your friends update their own details.

Shared Folders allow users to share and synchronise files with other people on their buddy lists - although you'd better make sure that you're only sharing things you own the IP to, since 'file-sharing' in the illegitimate sense breaks the Messenger EULA.

There's also more emphasis on 'service bots', virtual friends who can tell you the information you need without having to fire up a web browser. Want to know local cinema times? Add a bot, and just ask away.

Microsoft wants to build Windows Live as a full set of web services, designed to compete with trail-blazers Google, Yahoo and AOL, all of whom are developing new ways of computing on the web.

You can go and grab the latest version from Have a go, and let us know your thoughts on the latest version over in the forums.
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